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The Biometric Fingerprint Access

Features & Specifications

SportCode's suite of software for the recreational industry.

Fingerprint Scan Module
  • Workstation Software for Setup and Reporting
  • Validate directly at Fingerprint Scanner
  • Maintain database of all historical scanned data
  • Report on Individual guest activity
  • Report on average number of runs
  • Report on Lift activity: hourly, daily, weekly, custom range
  • Chart Lift Activity: hourly, daily, weekly, custom range
  • Report on each Lift Scanner’s Activity
  • Chart each Lift Scanner’s Activity
  • Report on invalid passes and tickets to identify fraud
  • Identify guests with multiple invalid scans.
Integration with All SportCode™ Products
  • Express Food Service
  • Express Pass
  • Express Rental
  • Express Group Rentals
  • Ski School / Ski-WEE
  • VIP Rentals
Required Equipment
  • Zebra Ticket Printer
  • Runtime version of Label Design Software unless connected to existing POS
System Requirements
  • PC with Windows 7 or higher operating system
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 15" VGA Monitor or larger
  • 3 available USB ports.
Software User License
  • Each POS station requires a license
  • Unlimited Administrator workstations on the same Local Area Network

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