self service kiosk

The Self Service Kiosks System

Features & Specifications

SportCode's suite of software for the recreational industry.

Express Group Rental Issue Module
  • Issue pre-set labels for simple equipment setup.
  • Automatic data entry by scanning bar code
  • Fully integrated with on-line rental reservations
  • Ability to distinguish between paid & unpaid customers
  • Maintain electronic form of collateral
  • Real-Time inventory adjustment
  • Reserve equipment for paid customers
  • Automatically calculate visual indicator settings
  • Maintain a history of all equipment
  • Maintain an electronic log of all tested equipment
  • Create exchange reports for easy exchanges
  • Fully integrated with elan 4-FACTOR system
  • Fully compatible with conventional equipment
  • Merge data for form letters
  • Maintain a history of all equipment
  • Custom Reporting
Express Group Rental Return
  • Scan bar coded equipment to return to inventory
  • System attaches equipment to renter
  • Will not allow untested equipment to be rented
  • Insures proper track setting
  • Insures proper DIN settings
  • Facilitates fast equipment exchanges
  • Facilitates fast equipment returns
  • Releases renter of liability after return
  • Destroys collateral data after return
  • Automatically identifies equipment for safety testing
  • Insures equipment is the same as originally rented
  • Reports on repeat offenders (Late returns, etc)
Integration with All SportCodeâ„¢ Products
  • Express Pass
  • Express Ticketing
  • Express Rental
  • Ski School / Ski-WEE
  • VIP Rentals
Optional Modules & Equipment
  • Additional Handheld 1D Scanner (for issuing and returning equipment)
  • Fixed scanning station
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Desktop touch monitor
System Requirements
  • PC with Windows 7 or higher operating system
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • 15" VGA Monitor or larger
  • 3 available USB ports.
Software User License
  • Each POS station requires a license
  • Unlimited Administrator workstations on the same Local Area Network

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